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May 2023

Just adorable

Photo day for Taming of the Shrew! As Dee was taking photos, Jeff and Sara went for a swing.

Dee looking at my camera while Carleigh sets up the shot

Taming of the Shrew cast getting into costume for photos

Auditions for Taming of the Shrew 2023

we were so ready for it.

I mean, look at all that paperwork! So official.

Blurry picture of the MKP family at the Bohemian

You're welcome

As You Like It, August 2022

Backstage hijinks at the Pearl on Main

We were all getting ready to take whiskey shots on stage

Much Ado About Nothing August 2021

Getting ready for opening night at the Garten

(Can't actually confirm this was opening night. I might be lying. Let's all just pretend this is opening night.)